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Beach Buggies


One (1) delightful little "beach buggy" is INCLUDED with your rental at Windswept. "Daisy" is our favorite golf cart in the Windswept fleet, offering comfy seating for up to five (5) passengers.


We can make arrangements for you to add another golf cart to your rental. "Rodeo" is a zippy little cart that can be added to your stay for $200(plus tax). It is best to add an additional cart when you reserve Windswept, but you can also add one on upon arrival.



Only Authorized and Registered Drivers may drive the Golf carts included with your rental.
Follow all rules of US roadways.
Please drive with caution, paying respect to other owners’ private property and landscaping, as well as ensuring not to cause damage to the island’s beauty and wildlife.
Driving on the beach is not permitted.
Driving the GOLF CART in the state preserve is ILLEGAL.
Please use the golf carts only on marked island road paths. Off-road adventuring or driving carts on beach is not acceptable! Please follow all of our agreed upon golf cart rules as listed in the Golf Cart Agreement.
Please plug in each golf cart to charge at the end of every day. Charging of the golf cart’s batteries takes a while and it is best to let them charge fully over night without disturbing the charge process. Please exercise caution when plugging-in and un-plugging the charger connection to avoid damage to the golf cart or injury.
We provide keys to the golf cart (s) for you use. Please do not leave the keys in the vehicle when it is unattended.

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